United Way fights for the health, education, and
financial stability of every person in every community.
Together our community will recover and thrive
because you cared to make a difference!

One Community. One Heart. One Common Goal.

One Community. One Heart. One Common Goal.

Every day, people in our community struggle with issues that may seem impossible to solve-including hunger, lack of access to health services, struggling students, and financial instability. These are tough problems that threaten the future of individuals and communities. But there is hope. There's United Way.

United Way fights for everyone in our community. We are more than the fundraisers. We are the problem solvers, the hand raisers. We are the game changers. We surround our community's most critical problems-and we fight. Together with our corporate and non-profit partners, and thousands of dedicated donors and volunteers, we offer hope and deliver positive impact where it's needed most.


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